Buffy the Vampire Slayer E-Cards: Cordelia Chase, Set #1

Have some great Cordelia one liners to brighten your day. Keep in mind this is only one set out of many, as pretty much everything Ms. Chase says is golden. Be sure to vote for which character you’d like to see on E-Cards next at the end of the post!





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The Best of Buffy on Facebook #1: Buffy: The Fan Experience

buffy on facebook

One may think that running this blog, acting as on admin on What Would Buffy Do?, running a Tumblr and Facebook page for The Cynical Slayer, and almost daily re-watches of Buffy would be enough Slayer goodness for me. But as all fans know, you can never have enough Buffy. That being said, I count on a number of Facebook fan pages to provide me with my daily dosage of Buffyverse goodness. Running a Facebook fan page is no small feat, and there are so many quality Buffy ones out there that I want to share with my followers. These posts are dedicated to giving you information about the page administrators, the content that the page entails, and how to follow the page.

Today’s first ever installment of The Best of Buffy on Facebook is:

Buffy: The Fan Experience

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Top 10 OMG Moments in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Counting down those moments that had you screaming “Oh my god!!” at the television screen. I avoided putting character deaths on the list because those are a given.


10.  The Glory Reveal at the End of Checkpoint (5×16)

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That moment when you find out Glory isn’t just some super strong wacko. She’s a freaking God.

Screenshot 2014-07-11 21.00.01

Buffy echoed the fandom’s thoughts with her disbelieving, skeptical “Oh.”

Buffy and the gang have taken on countless vamps, demons, and four formidable Big Bads already. But a god? How can they even begin to deal with that? With Quentin’s reveal, the stakes of season 5 were officially upped at this moment. Continue reading

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Top 10 Dances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Scoobs know how to get down. I’m not including stuff from OMWF because then the list would be full of it and THAT’S NOT REALLY FAIR IS IT.

10. The Snoopy Dance (5×03)

snoppy dance

Mostly here because of it’s popular status within the fandom, and the fact that good sport Nicholas Brendon always does it upon request at various appearances. See here and here.

9. This Dumb Dance that Xander Does (I forget the episode…HELP ME)


This just makes me laugh because it’s ridiculous.

8. Buffy’s Crazy Hyper Cheerleading Dance (1×03)



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Fireworks Much? 9 Sets of Sparkage in Sunnydale

In honor of the Fourth of July, let’s celebrate all the crazy fireworks between our favorite couples (canon or not) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Better have a fire extinguisher handy…cause the sparks will be flying.

buffy and faithfaithee faithee2

b and f



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