Top 10 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters According to my Mom

She’s back for more!!! Read my mom’s Top 10 Episodes of BTVS and then check out her list of her Top 10 Characters here:

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The Best Buffy Theme Covers

Violin, Ukulele, Piano, you name it. Buffy fans are mucho talented.

In order by instrument:


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Fan Spotlight #3: BuffyProps by Paul E. Smith



Welcome to the next installment of my Spotlight series, in which I chat with awesome Buffy fans and share their work and story with the BTVS community. So far we’ve met an author and an artist, so today we meet a master craftsman: Paul E. Smith of BuffyProps.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to get your mind blown.

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What to Watch After Buffy #2: The Legend of Korra

How do you beat the Buffy Hangover? How can you remedy the seemingly endless period in which you are in a perpetual state of Buffy-induced unrest, unable to find another television show that can measure up to the golden standard of Whedon perfection? No matter what you try, there just seems to be something missing from other programs. Maybe the plot lines are too loose. The dialogue too generic. The characters too one-dimensional.

Sorry to say, but I’m here to tell you that there is no cure. I’m confident that there will never be another show better than Buffy in our lifetime. However, while there may be no show that rivals BTVS as a whole, there are a lot of shows that master certain aspects of it.

In this first entry in a series of television show suggestions for what to watch after Buffy, I’ll be honing in on certain aspects that you may have enjoyed about BTVS and recommending TV shows based on those elements. Today’s suggestion is the action-adventure animated series The Legend of Korra.


NOTE: EVERYTHING IS SPOILER FREE SO DON’T WORRY. Click on pictures and gifs for sources.

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Top 15 Times Tara Maclay Was Amazing

In honor of Amber Benson’s birthday today, here is a list compiling the Top 15 Times that Tara Maclay was amazing. Keep in mind that my definition of “amazing” is very broad. It could stand for bad ass, adorable, funny, etc. Enjoy!!

15. Depressing Spelling (5 x 16)


This is one of Tara’s most quoted lines. The whole conversation with Anya in this scene is hilarious in itself (keep an eye on Tara’s facial expression when Anya talks about the huge photo of her face on the Magic Box website- good stuff) but this piece of dialogue takes the cake because it’s just so true and in character. You can just see Tara stealing Willow’s laptop, scrolling through message boards and then quietly shutting it after witnessing one too many “I luv u 5ever“s. Continue reading

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