Top 15 Times Tara Maclay Was Amazing

In honor of Amber Benson’s birthday today, here is a list compiling the Top 15 Times that Tara Maclay was amazing. Keep in mind that my definition of “amazing” is very broad. It could stand for bad ass, adorable, funny, etc. Enjoy!!

15. Depressing Spelling (5 x 16)


This is one of Tara’s most quoted lines. The whole conversation with Anya in this scene is hilarious in itself (keep an eye on Tara’s facial expression when Anya talks about the huge photo of her face on the Magic Box website- good stuff) but this piece of dialogue takes the cake because it’s just so true and in character. You can just see Tara stealing Willow’s laptop, scrolling through message boards and then quietly shutting it after witnessing one too many “I luv u 5ever“s. Continue reading

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Popular New Year’s Resolutions As Told By Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters

New Year’s Resolutions are pretty much a joke, but it’s the thought that counts. Regardless, the Buffy cast aims to inspire us:


number oneEven if it’s in your dreams.¬† Continue reading

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Christmas Countdown BTVS Style #1: Stocking Stuffers

Brightening your holiday season with a Buffy Christmas post every day ending on Christmas day.

Today’s first installment is:


joyceiwthhat Continue reading

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Thankful For Buffy – From the Fans

A few weeks ago, I asked you : Why are you thankful for Buffy? Continue reading

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The Season of Giving: Support BTVS Alumni Charity Causes

initiative banner

As a very large fan community, we have the power to make a difference towards a number of causes championed by our favorite BTVS actors and actresses. During the holiday season, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own affairs, because hey. the holidays are not easy! However, you need to remember to take a step back and put things in perspective. Yes, you may be stressed out about planning dinner and how you’re going to buy and wrap gifts on time. But think about the people on this Earth who don’t have the opportunity to partake in these preparations let alone the holidays themselves. People who live in poverty or suffer from circumstances or conditions out of their control. When you put yourselves in their shoes, it really makes you stop and consider all the things you take for granted, and forces you to count your blessings. When we are in a position of good fortune, it makes it all that more important for us to give some of that fortune to others who desperately need it.

As I thought of all the causes that our beloved BTVS stars support, it got me thinking. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is such a powerful cultural phenomenon that produced equally powerful and highly regarded actors and actresses. Along with great television and inspiring stars comes a devoted fandom. Cue us, a community of fans that is strong as ever¬†years after the show aired. Because we are so numerous, I got the idea to band together this year and pool our resources for organizations supported by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon. Thus, “Fans in Action” was born, along with the nifty tag line “As a fandom we stand, to give those in need a helping hand.”

By donating to a cause that speaks to you on this post, know that you are making a difference in someone’s life for the better. It doesn’t matter how much you can give – every contribution greatly helps your fellow human beings.

With that being said, I have no doubt that we can set our goal high this holiday season. (Keep in mind this goal reflects my audience reach – I can’t go setting $6,000 as a goal when I don’t even have that many likes on Facebook ;) ). I’ve selected 3 causes that would benefit greatly from some support from our fan community. If we raise a total of $200 for each cause, we can collectively give $600 to those in need before the end of the year. If we are successful, then that will be a sign to me that we can do more great things like this in the future! Lastly, anyone who donates (to either or multiple of the causes) will get a little virtual stocking with their name on it on the “All Star Scoobies 2014” page on this website! Continue reading

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